Elderly parents need help? this book is for you.

When Aging in Place Becomes Impossible

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We moved both of our over-80 year old parents into 24-hour residential care (also known as a “nursing home”) in seven days with no advance planning. We had limited funds, and a long list of conditions we were trying to meet. We’ll share with you what worked, and some of what didn’t.

The Authors

Peter Kronberg is a practicing business and corporate attorney. Miriam Kronberg has a Sustainable MBA, and works as a business consultant and strategist for small and medium-sized businesses.

Praise for the Book

“Elegantly direct — just the right blend of self-reflection by both authors, practical guidance, and accessible self-care. Hats off!! Really valuable book for so many folks of my age. I definitely recommend!” –Susann Suprenant, Coach and Somatic Awareness Educator

Need Help Fast?

This book is designed to provide you with some guidance and support as you deal with the many difficult decisions you are facing. It will also be helpful if you aren’t in the middle of a crisis. Maybe you are a senior, hoping to age in place. Maybe your parents are planning to age in place, and don’t feel a backup plan (namely, any other options to remaining in their home) is necessary, but you do. You can use the Action Steps to start thinking about your needs and a backup plan.
This book can help you prepare if their plan falls apart.

Our parents claimed to know the risks of staying in their home, yet they had not anticipated a catastrophic situation like the one we were suddenly facing. We share with you how we faced this huge problem -- including the mistakes we made -- in the hope that it will help you.

More About the Authors

Peter Kronberg

Peter is a practicing business and corporate attorney. He loves teaching business law at colleges and to entrepreneurs who participate in new business incubators. His interests outside of the law include his family, sculpture (he is a reasonably accomplished sculptor), gardening and bicycle commuting. He delights in the elegance of simple solutions to solve difficult problems.

Miriam Kronberg

Miriam has a Sustainable MBA, and works as a business consultant and strategist for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as teaching at a business college. She has a diverse and creative work history – from founding a theatre and gallery-space, to working as a COO for an environmental organization – which has made her a keen systems-thinker.

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